Case Template

Case Title

Case Author #1, Organization

Case Author #2, Organization

Make a copy of this template to develop your case --------->
Case Template


Summarize the case here. Share 2-3 sentences that summarize the lesson and how it generally relates to other school gardens in the ecoregion.

Case Narrative

Provide a rich description of your perspective on this lesson. Please use your voice and first-person pronouns to capture your personal experience. Includes stories or vignettes if they help you express the ideas and experiences associated with implementing this lesson. The goal is to share your practical wisdom in order to communicate not only what the lesson can accomplish but how, and why, you teach it in the way that you do.
Some of the things you might consider discussing include:- descriptions of what gets done and why- sharing with readers how you ground the lesson in the local circumstances of your garden(s) and your teaching- considering how the lesson reflects ecoregional people & places, past & present

Lesson Title

Make a copy of this template to develop your lesson ---------> 1. Connections to Next Generation Science Standards Identify how the lesson relates to NGSS standards (committee members can help fine-tune this)
2a. If you created this lesson, then consider:Why was this lesson created ? What motivated you to develop it?
2b. If you selected an existing lesson developed by somebody else, then consider:Why was this lesson selected? What motivated you to choose it?(How) did you adapt the original lesson?
3. When you implemented the lesson, consider:What implementation challenges might others encounter?What advice do you have about this lesson for other educators?
Lesson Template

Video Title

What kind of video?Share a brief 30-90 second video from or about something that conveys key aspects of the experience or summarize important knowledge for educators to understand when teaching the lesson. This could be a video from the lesson, a digital story, narration about one or more pictures from the lesson, a digital story that students help develop, and so forth.
What should youwrite to describe the video?In this text space, please share what the video conveys and why you think others might value it.

Ecoregion School Garden Site

Share details about the school garden, school, and community.Who are the students?Who are the garden leaders?Describe the community the school serves and its history.What other kinds of schools have you used this in?

Connections to Ecoregion Topics

Discuss how the lesson relates to one (or more) of the four ecoregion topics.

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