Inspired by the local knowledge building that traditional almanacs organized, this section assembled resources related to our conference topics that conference organizers and participants curated.

Next Generation Science Standards

LifeLab's Resources for Common Core and Next Generation Science in the Garden provides webinars and a standards database that link science education and garden-based learning.

STEM Teaching Tools addresses specific NGSS teaching challenges with knowledge from research and practice.

Almanacs model a rich U.S. tradition of local knowledge building with respect to gardening (and fishing), cooking, and conservation. The Farmers’ Almanac, for example, has been published continuously in the United States since 1881. This annual publication contains weather predictions, planting guides, local agricultural and horticultural lore, common practices and instructive essays. The recurring yet evolving practices and processes through which The Farmers’ Almanac exemplifies the way local knowledge and the “wisdom of the ages” can be curated and made available to school gardeners in the US southwest deserts.