Keynote Speaker

Angela Calabrese Barton

Dr. Calabrese Barton focuses on issues of equity and social justice in science education with a particular emphasis on the urban context. She works in community- and school-based settings, targeting the science teaching-learning experiences of three major stakeholder groups: upper elementary and middle school youth, teachers learning to teach science for social justice, and parents engaging in their children’s science education. She also engages in curriculum research and development that links literacy in nutrition and science.

Download her presentation slides here.

A keynote presentation video is forthcoming.

“But the science we do here matters”: Youth-authored cases of consequential learning

Daniel Birmingham, Angela Calabrese Barton, Autumn McDaniel, Jalah Jones, Camryn Turner, & Angel RogersThis paper explores what makes learning and doing science matter for youth from nondominant communities, as well as the barriers these youth must confront in working toward consequential ends. It presents student accounts of “science that matters” or engaging science with a commitment to their community. These accounts also highlight the vital role of socio-historically constructed understandings of community in determining when, how, and why science learning and doing matters for youth. In exploring these accounts, the paper sheds light on how youth can and do contribute to the changing contexts in which science takes place, and toward the ways in which youth contributions alter what gets counted as learning, as being expert, and as meaningful participation.
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